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By viewing and/or receiving the electronic documents contained on this web site, Subcontractor/Supplier (User) agrees to the following terms and conditions of use:
1. Hennessy Construction Services does not guarantee the accuracy of the documents and does not guarantee that such documents are complete or error-free, and does not guarantee that they have been updated or revised by the Project Engineer or Architect. Hennessy Construction Services is not responsible for the User’s reliance on the documents contained on this web page. It is the responsibility of the User to review the complete set of Contract Documents for projects to verify that the User fully understands its scope of work for projects.
2. Hennessy Construction Services reserves the right to discontinue or limit access to any and all documents from Hennessy’s website at any time.
3. Insurance Requirements for all Hennessy projects are subject to change at any time. Failure to comply with all requirements could result in delay of work and/or payment. Subcontractor must purchase and maintain the following types of coverage and limits of liability:
General Liability, including Products/Completed Operations
$1,000,000.00 Each Occurrence
$2,000.000.00 General Aggregate
Auto Liability Insurance
$1,000,000.00 Combined Single Limit (each accident) for Bodily Injury (per person) and Property Damage (per accident), including Hired and Non-Owned autos.
Workers’ Compensation
Statutory Limits required by the State where the project is located.
A Certificate of Exemption from Workers Compensation coverage is not acceptable as evidence of insurance coverage.
Subcontractors electing to be Exempt are not eligible to work on Hennessy Construction Services ? projects.
The Subcontractor shall furnish to Hennessy insurance provided by a licensed insurance company rated excellent ( A-  or better) and qualified to do business within the State of Florida.
The Subcontractor shall furnish Hennessy with a certificate of insurance on ACORD Form No. 25 prior to commencement of work, and shall include a thirty (30) day written notice of cancellation for General Liability, Auto Liability, and Workers Compensation.
Hennessy Construction Services must be listed as Additional Insured in regards to the General Liability Insurance on an acceptable endorsement form, per the subcontract agreement, and a copy of the Additional Insured endorsement must be attached to the certificate provided.
Acceptable Additional Insured Endorsement form numbers are:
CG2010 1185 (1st choice); or
CG2010 10 01 AND CG2037 10 01 (2nd choice – both forms); or
CG20 26 11 85 (3rd choice).
NOTE: Endorsement wording must include “ongoing and completed operations”  or equivalent wording satisfactory to Contractor at no expense to Contractor named as additional insured. General Liability coverage shall continue to apply to “bodily injury” and to “property damage” occurring after all work on the Site of the covered operations to be performed by or on behalf of the additional insureds has been completed and shall continue after that portion of your work  out of which the injury or damage arises has been put to its intended use.
All applicable coverage specific to the Subcontractor’s normal operations is to be included in the certificate of insurance.
Subcontractor’s insurance must be primary and non-contributing.
If any portion of the Work of a Subcontractor is assigned or subcontracted to a Sub-subcontractor, the Subcontractor will provide a certificate of insurance from the Sub-subcontractor, per Article 13.1 of the subcontract agreement, listing Hennessy Construction Services as an additional insured, and indemnify and hold harmless Hennessy Construction Services and the Owner from any and all liability or damages associated with the assignment or the subcontracting of the Subcontractor’s Work.
In no event shall the failure, for any reason, of Hennessy to receive a Certificate of Insurance or copy of any policy of insurance, endorsement or other document required in accordance with the provisions hereof be construed as a waiver by Hennessy as a release of the Subcontractor’s obligation to provide the required insurance coverage and limits. The Subcontractor’s obligation to obtain, pay all premiums for, and maintain all insurance required of the Subcontractor under the provisions hereof, is an obligation of the Subcontractor separate and independent of the Subcontractor’s duty to provide Certificates of Insurance and endorsements.


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