Notice to Owner Information

NOTE:  When the Owner of a project is a municipality, a Notice of Commencement is not required and a lien cannot be placed on the project.

There are several ways to receive a Notice of Commencement:

1. Click on the link below for the appropriate County for the project. Most municipalities have public documents available for download through their website. They are also available directly through the municipality’s Office of Public Records.

Pinellas County

Hillsborough County


2. Click on the link below for the project you are requesting Notice to Owner information to download a copy of the Notice of Commencement.


Arbor Green NOC 2020 Hennnessy

Douglas Gardens Apartments

Freedom Gardens Apartments II

Hammock Ridge Apartments Phase II

Lealman YMCA NOC

Mahaffey Theater Wall Repair

Mary Bethune NOC With Bond

Oaks at Lakeside NOC

Osprey Point Notice of Commencement – 9955-139 – Cert Copy

Park at Wellington Apartments Phase II


Plaza 300 NOC Building 4-5 NOC With Bond 022920

Plaza Apartments NOC for Building 4 & Site – Recorded 9-30-19

Saint Petersburg Catholic HS Interior Renovation NOC

Saint Petersburg Catholic HS Window Replacement NOC 

St. Pete 19-08000675 – Free Clinic NOC- Recorded

Saint Petersburg History Museum NOC


Chesapeake Apartments

Westminster NOC

Westminster Bahama Shores Sunrise Point PH IV Project

3. Send an email to and include project name and address, your email address, phone and fax numbers.


4. Fax a written request to 727-822-5726 and include the project name and address, your email address, phone and fax numbers.